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Tamara L. Binns, Esq.

Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas

"We love Live to Give because of the great work they do in the community. We are proud to partner with their many community initiatives."

Richard Nelson

Marketing and Events Director


Create immersive design that consistently represents your brand in the community. 


Build easy, efficient, and scalable campaigns with custom interactions and functions. 


Bring your goals to life by taking a step back and seeing the big picture.

We  build production-ready web design and campaigns that empower you and your organizations goals. ​


Firefighters Burn Foundation

"I believe the secret to living is giving and no one does it better than Live to Give. They've helped us raise funds and awareness during the pandemic."

Nino Galloway

VP of Operations


Our online to offline campaign solutions keep the process simple so you don't have to worry about spreading yourself thin.

We offer traditional and non-traditional marketing opportunities to help raise awareness and conversions. . 



Go live with our reliable and hassle-free approach that gives you the tools to help your mission move forward. 

Nevada Child Seekers

"We've worked with Live to Give for many years and we've consistently been impressed with their ability to deliver."

Margarita Edwards

Executive Director

Features Include

-Marketing: Ads & Campaigns

-Customers: Leads & CRM

-Performance: Analytics & Reporting

-Behavior: Events & Tracking

-Data: Storage & Security


Our team supports your organization's mission and vision from the beginning to the end of every campaign. We are dedicated to aligning ourselves with organization's who lead with service and help those organization's grow. 


Once your campaign is launched you are able to make decisions for your organization based on real-time data driven activity and results. 

The Process

We present our process within our areas of expertise.

4.  Marketing and Promotions

  • Public Relations

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Visual Story Telling (photos, videos, testimonials)

  • Cause Marketing Campaigns

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Advertising

  • SEO

  • Ad Setup

  • Email marketing

2. Logo and Marketing Collateral

  • Logo design

  • Letterhead

  • Business cards

  • Reports

  • Watermarks

1. Brand Development

  • Company Core Message

  • Company products and services (features & benefits)

  • Positioning (The onliness statement)

  • Target audience 

  • Communication objectives

  • Goals (and what might be the roadblocks?)

  • Convey Message

  • Copywriting

  • Convey Message

3. Web Services

  • Website goals and objectives 

  • Content strategy

  • Align on visual direction

  • Web design & development

  • CRM

  • Automations

  • Payments & Invoicing

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Domain connection

  • Emails



1. Agreement

2. Billing

3. Weekly Calls

Our Process

In good company

Value Pricing

My pricing structure is based on the value I provide my clients.


Let me know where you see the most value and I'll share different options.



This plan includes:

  • Brand Development

  • Logo and Marketing Collateral

  • Web Services



This plan includes:

  • Brand Development

  • Logo and Marketing Collateral

  • Web Services

  • Marketing and Promotions


1 . Family Law

2. Criminal/Juvenile Defense Law

3. Personal Injury

1  —


2  —

Show & Tell

  1. Any law website you would like to share or showcase? 

3 —

Brand Identity

1. Emotions

2. Colors

Target Market:

1. Word of mouth


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