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Empowering organizations with fundraising, 
marketing campaigns.

Our campaigns attract new charitable donors, increase fundraising efforts, while building brand equity in the community. 

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Firefighters Burn Foundation

"I believe the secret to living is giving and no one does it better than Live to Give. They've helped us raise funds and awareness during the pandemic."

Nino Galloway

VP of Operations


Our online to offline campaign solutions keep the process simple so you don't have to worry about spreading yourself thin.

We offer traditional and non-traditional marketing opportunities to raise awareness and funds for organizations to continue their mission. 



Go live with our reliable and hassle-free approach that gives you the tools to help your mission move forward. 

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Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas

"We love Live to Give because of the great work they do in the community. We are proud to partner with their many community initiatives."

Richard Nelson

Marketing and Events Director


Create immersive design that consistently represents your brand in the community. 


Build easy, efficient, and scalable campaigns with custom interactions and functions. 


Bring your goals to life by taking a step back and seeing the big picture.

We  build production-ready fundraising campaigns and cause marketing campaigns that empower you and your organizations goals. 


Nevada Child Seekers

"We've worked with Live to Give for many years and we've consistently been impressed with their ability to deliver."

Margarita Edwards

Executive Director

Features Include

-Marketing: Ads & Campaigns

-Customers: Leads & CRM

-Performance: Analytics & Reporting

-Behavior: Events & Tracking

-Data: Storage & Security


Our team supports your organizations mission and vision from the beginning to the end of every campaign. We are dedicated to aligning ourselves with organizations who lead with service and help those organizations grow. 


Once your campaign is launched you are able to make decisions for your organization based on real-time data driven activity and results. 

Get up and running fast

Our Showcase, Training, and Support give you the education, insights, and inspiration you need to succeed with our fundraising campaigns and cause marketing campaigns. Your Mission first.


Receive one-on-one training on how to best engage your team around the campaign. 


Track and measure performance through out the duration of the campaign.


Get inspired with incredible campaigns designed to supporting organizations and their mission.

Live to Give is an engine that powers marketing and community campaigns.

We're currently in private beta but would love to hear from you! Let us know more about your marketing and fundraising goals and we'll reach out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We've developed a turn-key approach to our campaigns. Our process includes three steps: building a movement, launching the campaign, and addressing real-time growth opportunities. We then pair this campaign with our win-win networking approach.

Who can use Live to Give Group?

We've typically found our best success stories start with 1. Nonprofits who are interested in fundraising across multiple traditional and nontraditional marketing channels, and 2. Philanthropic corporations who are interested in building brand equity in the community while generating new customers.

What is the average cost per campaign?

The final price is directly related to the project scope, timeline, and deliverables. We can't determine a real project scope without a formed strategy. The first stage of the project is developing a campaign strategy. After this stage, we'll have a clear overview of what we are building, what resources are required, and how much time we'll need to complete the project. Once we have a clear picture of this, we'll be able to propose your final price and deadline. Based on previous projects, clients typically come to us with more than $2,000 and less than $5,000 in their budget.

What type of campaigns do you offer?

We focus on Fundraising campaigns, including raffles, e-commerce, peer to peer, influencers, voting, and more. Our Cause Marketing campaigns are geared towards businesses that value philanthropy within their company culture and interested in building brand equity in the community while generating new customers for their business.

How do you work with businesses?

Our cause marketing campaigns have garnered brand equity in the community through earned publicity, earned partnerships while generating new customers for our clients. Since 2015, we've powered dozens of cause marketing campaigns with Nationally recognized luxury vehicle companies, National restaurant franchises, premier Orthodontic practices, Nonprofits, and community initiatives to consistently deliver our win-win approach to empower the local community. Learn more:

Our Campaign Process

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