• The Team

    Leticia Apablaza


    Leticia always had a passion for media. Like most kids in the 90's, recording songs on a tape was the thing to do, but she also loved listening to the voices on the radio.

    She realized then the power of a voice and how it can bring impact. Only a few years after high school she would land her dream job in radio. While going to college and working side-by-side her favorite radio personalities, she would learn everything and more. It was at this time she found her skills in events. "I love the pressure of putting on an event, the anticipation, the logistics, the organizing, the unknown, it's all a rush and fun!" Putting all her passions together with an emphasize to give others a platform to use their voice came at a perfect time with a perfect match.

    Angel Escamilla


    Angel is known for his kind heart, attention to detail, and dance moves that have everyone stopping in their tracks. Dancing is only part of the legacy he is building. It was not too long after college he would start a nonprofit organization with three friends called the Jump for Joy Foundation. He learned first- hand the mechanics it takes for a nonprofit to be successful. He also realized the tools his organization and many others needed to sustain programs, services, and continue to be recognized. His passion for business and giving back aligns perfectly with the mission and values that created Live to Give.