• Testimonials

    Thank you to our Live to Give community.

    Rick Nelson, Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas

    "We love to give back to the community because it has been so good to us. Live to Give helps us do that in many many ways. Thank you."

    Rayen Jones, Aarrow Advertising

    "I loved how family orientated and dedicated they are with not only their job but the overall passion they have in each step forward with the campaigns. Also, the team communication and they also take time to listen to each member and really think about every direction that there can possibly be and really make you feel like your apart of their family. Thank you Live to Give, can not wait to see what this 2018 year will bring for us."

    Andre Wade, The LGBTQ Center

    "You all do amazing work for me in the areas of public relations and event planning and execution. Not to mention the grassroots marketing that nailed it for us."

    Dave Clark, Nevada Child Seekers


    "Their hearts are really in the right place to improve our community, and they are great partners. I highly recommend working with Live to Give."


    Erica Mosca, Leaders in Training

    "Live to Give made our original testimonial video from our program graduates and it has had an immense impact on our organization's growth."

    Anthony "Nino" Galloway,

    Nevada Burn Foundation Firefighters of Southern Nevada

    "It's not only a luxury to give it is a responsibility as well. We (Burn Foundation) really want to support a group that takes action like Live to Give, who puts opportunities in front of you to give back to our community especially those that are underserved. We challenge you to do it with us."

    Melissa Blynn, Create a Change

    "So needless to say they are reliable, dedicated and so easy to work with. I strongly recommend them for their services because they deliver everything they say and they just take the lead on projects and it helps so much!"

    Dwayne McIntyre, Symbolic Art Center

    "You guys are amazing! We appreciate everything you guys have done for us. We look forward to many many more great years working with you."

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