• Positive Spin Campaign

    11th Annual AARROW World Sign Spinning Championship is hitting the Fremont Streets to show how throwing up their signs brings positive community impact!

    Positive Spin - Overview


    The “Positive Spin” campaign is bringing awareness to Gang Prevention to show youth there are fun opportunities available in their community to earn a living, connect with positive people, and there is more than way to throw up a sign. AARROW is known to employ youth and give them the chance to turn their life around while having fun. This campaign will feature how gangs have affected the community and why coming out to the World Sign Spinning Championship is more than an event it is about bringing the community together while showing youth support and encouragement as they spin for positivity.



    Support by wearing black to the World Sign Spinning Championship on February 17th at 3 p.m. at the Fremont Street Experience.



    February is gang prevention awareness month

    Black is gang prevention awareness color

  • Positive Spin - Impact

    Take steps today to make a safe tomorrow.

    Metropolitan Police Las Vegas Gang Unit

    702-828-3309 local number

    The Office of Community Engagement is built on four main principles of partnering with the community which is: Awareness, Education, Outreach & Engagement. A special thank you to Detective Morales and the entire Metro Gang Unit for their continued service to our community.

    If you SEE something SAY something.

    866-229-6220 national line

    A national campaign that is raising awareness towards reporting suspicious activities.

  • Positive Spin - Impressions

    Thank you Las Vegas for your continued support.

    Las Vegas Now ch. 8

    KTNV 13 Las Vegas

    Fox 5 Las Vegas

    KTNV Channel 13

    Angry Joe Coffee shows support

    LAYOP - 10% off black tees

    Patrick Hughes,

    President /CEO of Fremont Street Experience supports Positive Spin.

    30s Voice over video

    Positive Spin promotional video

    Positive Spin campaign flyer

    Yelp newsletter promotion

    Maxx Durovic, Founder AArrow Advertising