• Why Cause Marketing?

    Profit + Purpose: The New Normal

    It is OK for brands to support good causes and make money at the same time.

  • Cause Marketing Campaigns

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    Are you a business looking to connect with the community or give back in a big way? Connect your business with cause marketing.


    Live to Give offers opportunities to launch new products, revamp your brand, and give your customers and staff something to be proud of.


    Cause Marketing Campaigns:

    Live to Give will help with creating a strategic plan focused on reaching a certain goal within a certain time.


    it's okay to be seen doing great things. Let us do the bragging for you. Live to Give will help you be seen or heard by securing media exposure that gives you the opportunity to show your audience what you have and what you give.


    Need a high-quality video that stands up to the ever-growing social media world? Let us capture your vision, film it, edit it, and have it come to life to gain all the likes, follows, impressions your company deserves.


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