• Cause Marketing

    Start with Impact. End with Results.

    You serve your consumer but do you serve your community?

    One thing is undeniably true. The more we give the more we receive . Most people believe that is a great place to start, however, with Live to Give, that is our beginning, middle, and end. Our primary focus is cause marketing and how to create massive impact and change while delivering authentic results to our clients and sponsors. This is not just a part time movement. It is a full-time mission. We connect brands to causes in a positive socially conscious environment.


    Our Services Include:

    Cause Marketing Campaigns

    Cause Marketing Strategy

    Content Marketing

    Facilitating key partnerships

    Corporate fundraising


    "41% of consumers have bought a product because it was associated with a cause or issue."

    -2013 Cone Case Evolution Study


    "85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about."

    -2013 Cone Case Evolution Study



  • Start with Impact. End with Results.

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