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    Connecting Brands to Community since 2015.

  • The Live to Give Story

    Live to Give was created to provide services for all nonprofits and businesses to grow.


    Since October 2015 we've been dedicated to delivering results for brands and organizations to receive authentic brand awareness and positive community integrations.

  • Live to Give Services

    Scroll below for a list of services and brief overviews.

    Public Relations

    As your public relations team, we focus on presenting your brand to a wide range of media platforms through a strategic and captivating action plan that builds from one action goal to the next to continue brand awareness and recognition.

    Event Services

    No two events are really alike, just like your concept and brand. While you focus on business let Live to Give focus on taking care of the event logistics. Our services range full event production to the day of event management. We can assist with the development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, concerts, or conventions to pop-ups to galas.

    Strategic Partnerships

    We curate winning relationships in the community on your behalf to raise awareness and funds for your organization or business. We take pride in sharing our client's programs and services to other businesses to gain added value pop-ups

    Content Messaging and Production

    It is important to have a strong presence and message on your digital platforms. Live to Give will help build and expand your on going marketing campaigns with additional content strategies that include fun and engaging videos and photos.

  • Client Testimonials

    "You all do amazing work for me in the areas of public relations and event planning and execution. Not to mention the grassroots marketing that nailed it for us."

    -Andre Wade, The LGBTQ Center

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